SAMSUNG commercial microwave ovens

The Korean manufacturer SAMSUNG has managed to achieve a significant market share in the field of commercial microwave ovens in recent years. The decisive factor here is certainly a market-oriented product range consisting of semi-professional and high-performance microwave devices as well as programmable and manually operated devices. This makes the microwaves suitable for a wide range of applications, from small shops to large kitchens. Other outstanding features are the ease of use, the high quality and the robustness of the devices. The commercial machines are also extremely attractive for professional users in terms of pricing.

For customers who have a high throughput of food, the models have the option of stacking them on top of each other and thus increasing their serving capacity without wasting valuable work space. A connecting element is supplied free of charge with every device.

In our opinion, the MJ26A6091AT and MJ26A6093AT models make the most sense for commercial customers with a high volume of food serving. This is a further development of the CM-1919A and CM-1929A models, which have been established on the market for many years.
The even heating of the food is achieved through good microwave distribution within the cooking chamber.

illustration of the microwave distribution in the cavity of a commercial SAMSUNG
microwave distribution

If a customer needs a microwave to occasionally heat up smaller portions of food, sauces or a cup of soup, the semi-commercial device models CM-1089A or CM-1099A are often sufficient. It is important that these two devices are also equipped with a flat glass ceramic base plate, just like the high-performance microwaves from SAMSUNG. Unlike a turntable in household microwaves, the flat surface within the cooking interior ensures that soups or sauces, for example, do not spill over during heating due to the usually wobbly turntable, and the area of the cooking interior can also be used completely. Another difference to household microwaves is the even distribution of microwaves within the cooking chamber using a sophisticated distribution system.

SAMSUNG commercial microwave oven without housing
SAMSUNG commercial microwave oven without housing

The good supply of spare parts as well as a robust and at the same time clear structure of the microwave devices shorten downtimes in the event of service.