Hot and cold plate built-in version TOGETHER® 3400

hot and cold plate TOGETHER model 3400
hot and coldplate TOGETHER model 3400

for counter installation

compact design for easy installation in the counter


2 functions in one device

piktogram blue thermometer


piktogram red thermometer



tree on hand

Sustainability is important to us. Our technology makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

The cooling and heating functions work purely electrically. This means that no environmentally harmful coolant or compressor oil is used. To protect the environment and reduce GWP (Global Warming Potential) for the future of our children.

topview on the surface of a hot and cold plate
topview of a hot and cold plate

Flush installation

The hot/cold plate of version 3400 can be installed flush into the furniture and thus forms a level with the buffet counter.

Surface-mounted installation

When installed in a raised position, the metal surface of the hot and cold plate 3400 protrudes approximately 12 mm from the counter surface and in this way accentuates the buffet counter.

hot and cold plate TOGETHER model 3400
hot and coldplate TOGETHER model 3400

On/off switch on the cable

The control element for the hot and cold plate is not permanently attached to the device, but rather on an approximately 1.5 m long cable. This means that the control switch can be mounted on the side walls of the furniture, hidden from the guest but easily accessible to the service staff.

The TOGETHER® hot & cold plates revolutionize the buffet.

The plate works almost silently and therefore creates a pleasant ambience.

4 x hot and cold plate built in model integrated in a catering station with blue front
4 x hot and cold plate 3400 in a catering station
hot and cold plate in a black trade fair counter
hot and cold plate in a foldable trade fair counter
4 x hot and cold plate integrated in a service station for the catering industry
4 x hot and cold plate in a service station
warm and cold plate built in showing in a sales counter
a sales counter with a warm and cold plate model TOGETHER 3400

Device type:Built-in version with exposed control element for closed furniture

Two installation variants possible:
– flush
– raised (protruding 12 mm from the counter surface)
Technical function:Ready to plug in, electrically operated warm or cold function can be activated by flipping the switch on the bottom of the device.

3-position switch:
– Cool switch position: cooling function
– Switch position off: Off
– Switch position warm: heat function
Cooling function:constant temperature of +4°/ +6°C* (* = at 20°C ambient temperature)
Warming function:constant temperature of +65°C* (*= at 20°C ambient temperature)
Environmental friendliness:– no refrigerant
– no compressor oil
– low energy consumption
– >95% recyclable
Dimensions:80 (H) x 360 (W) x 560 (D) mm
Weight:8 kg
Suitable for:Buffet plates, banquet plates, tubs, bowls up to a size of GN 1/1
Electrical connection:100-240V / 50/60 Hz. or direct connection without power supply to 24 Vdc
Maintenance:Maintenance-free, only the fan needs to be kept free of dust
– no downtime
– no leak checks on the coolant circuit
Scope of delivery:TOGETHER® hot & cold plate 3400 with exposed control element, including special multi-volt power supply, 1 x corrugated hose, 2 x connection adapter for corrugated hose
Other advantages:– easy installation
Low weight and easy handling enable uncomplicated installation

– modern, elegant design
high-quality metal surface with rounded corners

– low height and practical dimensions
80 mm height allows installation even in very limited spaces; thanks to the possibility of flush or raised installation, the cold and hot plate fits into the look of the buffet; The cooled/warmed support surface is suitable for the use of serving plates/banquet plates up to a size of GN 1/1

– easy to use
Once installed, all you have to do is select the operating mode (cool/off/warm) of the hot and cold plates on the control element

– almost silent
for a pleasant ambience in the guest room

– Cost savings
It is only necessary to purchase one device to implement a cooling and warming function

– Time saving
No preparation is required (no cold packs, crushed ice or modification of the buffet technology), which relieves the workload of the service staff and saves working time