Cold-warm plate in just one device

The electric hot and cold plate offers both functions by simply flipping the switch

hot melt fire
crushed ice blue
Electric hot and cold plate model TOGETHER 3300 with black base, carried by a woman

Tabletop device

Ready to use anywhere with only 8 kg weight

3 models of the innovative cooling solution
with the same advantages

carpenter draws a measurement on a wooden plate

Built-in version

precise installation in furniture

Easy to handle

immediately ready for use

Close-up view of an acrylic support plate for a hot and cold plate

almost silent

through innovative technology

globe on a table with eyes glued on

Can be used worldwide

through multi-volt power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz

>95% recyclable

Out of responsibility for our common future

tree on hand


Global warming potential without refrigerants that damage the ozone layer and have an impact on the climate and without compressor oil


Time saving

no conversion of the cooling/heating technology necessary


cost cutting

because only one device needs to be purchased

3 wenches on a table

no costly maintenance

Hot and cold plates briefly explained

An attractive presentation of food on the buffet is of great importance in the catering industry and its related areas. Self-service, in which the guest decides on the selection and quantity of food, is becoming more and more important and contributes significantly to guest satisfaction. Hygiene and cleanliness must not be ignored when presenting food. Sensitized by food scandals, guests are increasingly concerned about the freshness of the product in question. The legislature sets clear requirements in this regard. However, complying with this is often not easy for the catering industry, especially when it comes to food presentation on the buffet.
Die elektrischen Kühlplatten (Heiß- und Kaltplatten) von TOGETHER, sind oftmals die ideale Lösung für derartige Problemfälle.

The hot and cold plates make it possible to keep food cool during presentation without the use of conventional cooling technology. Neither refrigeration compressors nor refrigerants are used.

There is also no need for annoying handling of ice cubes or crushed ice.

An additional advantage is that each hot and cold plate can be switched from cooling to warming by flipping a switch on the bottom. This saves money when purchasing because you only need one device for two different temperature ranges and additional working time because you don’t have to redecorate the devices and the buffet.


How do the cooling plates work?
The cold is generated electrically. In contrast to normal cooling systems, no cooling compressor or refrigerant is used.

What is special about these cooling solutions?
The space required is just around 60 x 40 cm. But the best thing is that the height is just 8.8 cm. Normally, cooling solutions are always much higher and often destroy a visually appealing buffet due to their bulky size.

What are the cooling plates suitable for?
The cooling plates are very suitable as a cooling plate for cold cuts of sausage, cheese and ham for the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.

Is the surface of the cooling plate made of stainless steel?
No, the surfaces of the cooling plates are made of aluminum. Aluminum conducts cold better than stainless steel. This means we can ensure more consistent cooling performance.

Can the cooling plates only be used in the catering or hotel industry?
When developing the cooling plates, the focus was on the catering and hotel industries. The cooling plates are now also used in other areas, e.g. as cooling plates in the laboratory, in the technical area for cooling parts and systems, in the food retail sector for the presentation of food and also in trade fair construction to provide visitors with small snacks. Please contact us if you would like a special cooling solution. We will be happy to advise you.

Are cold packs, ice cubes, crushed ice or eutectic cooling elements used to operate the cooling plates?
No, this is a purely electric cooling plate. The cold is generated until the plates are switched off.

I only have a 110 V mains connection, not 230 V like in Germany, is that enough?
Yes this is not a problem. The plate is powered by a power supply. Just like you know from a notebook. You only need a 110 up to 230 V / 50 or 60 Hz power connection.

A cooling plate that is operated with 230V on the buffet isn’t that dangerous?
Yes, that would be dangerous if, for example, liquid were to flow over the cooling plate and the electronics. That’s why we only operate the plate itself with +24VDC. The 230V from the socket is converted into +24V direct current. So there is no danger.

Can I operate the cooling plate from the socket in my car?
This depends on the power supply in your vehicle. Cars usually have +12VDC, which is not sufficient. Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, advertising mobiles or sales vans often have +24VDC. In these vehicles you could operate the cooling plates directly via the on-board network. However, the connection must always be carried out by a qualified master company.

I would like to equip a mobile serving trolley with a cooling plate, is that possible?
Yes, our Model 3500 was developed specifically for these applications. You can easily install the cooling plate in a mobile serving cart and then drive the cart to the guest’s table or to the guest’s room. There you can then reconnect the power supply to a socket. Another option is to equip the serving trolley with a battery that supplies the cooling plate with power for a certain period of time. This means that the food would always be cooled not only in the guest’s room, but also during transport there. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

I would like to permanently install the cooling plates into my counter buffet system, is that possible?
Our built-in device model 3400 is ideal for permanent installation in a buffet system or counter. To do this, a correspondingly large cutout must be made in the top plate (marble, granite, wood, steel) of the furniture. The cooling plate can be inserted into this and, depending on the material of the top plate, fixed with silicone or other materials, for example. Both flush and raised installation is possible. Please request our operating instructions and installation instructions during the planning phase. Additional information on proper ventilation of built-in devices is provided there.

Where can I buy the cooling plates?
You can purchase the cooling plates from catering supplies or contact us directly and we will ensure that you receive a non-binding offer.

Are there accessories or which accessories do I have to buy separately?
The cooling plates are always delivered completely ready for operation or ready for installation. The power supply is always included in the scope of delivery. With the built-in version, we also supply an installation kit for sucking in fresh air.

Where can I get suitable stainless steel serving plates, sneeze guards, etc. for the cooling plates?
The dimensions of the cooling plates model 3300, 3400 and 3500 are designed so that GN 1/1 sheets, tubs, bowls, etc. can be used. This means that you can usually use your own parts that are available in the company. Of course, we offer such accessories for our products upon request.

Did I understand correctly that the cooling plate can also be used as a heating plate?
Yes, all three models 3300 / 3400 / 3500 can also be used as a heating plate as standard. The plates are equipped with a 3-stage switch (cold/warm/off). This is clever and saves money, working time and space.