TOGETHER GmbH is an internationally active German manufacturer of innovative cooling solutions. The “catering equipment” division of TOGETHER GmbH is specialized in a small selection of catering equipment

Our vision

„Together we make a world of difference. “

We believe that “together we can make a big difference.” With innovative, resource-saving and long-lasting solutions, we are able to protect the environment while maintaining or increasing efficiency. At TOGETHER, we believe that applied innovative technologies can be a significant step towards protecting our environment.

our mission

As a German manufacturer of unique refrigeration devices and as a supplier of various technical equipment in the catering sector, we believe in innovations and are always looking for new technologies that improve the working world in the catering industry.

Our claim

The TOGETHER® brand stands for innovation and uniqueness. Our aim is to combine innovations with high-quality design and German quality standards. We ensure that we delight our customers with outstanding products and individual services. Our team strives to provide our customers with the latest technology to help them optimize their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Our drive

The growing demand for efficient, environmentally friendly, customized and cost-effective solutions drives us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible with a smart combination of technology and design. A particular incentive here is the input from our customers, who now come not only from the catering and hotel industries, but also from the food business, shopfitting and trade fair construction sectors.

Our shared values

In order to live up to our standards, we live the company culture anchored in our company name “TOGETHER”.

We believe that we can only achieve our goals “together”. We therefore consider all stakeholders involved in our business, such as customers, suppliers, employees and those indirectly involved, to be our partners. In order to work together effectively and to achieve a positive result for everyone involved, a “common” basis of trust is required. We live this not only internally, but also in collaboration with our customers. Our “shared” passion for innovation continually drives us and enables us to create unique products on the market.