The refrigerated display case TOGETHER® DRINKSTAR/ FOODSTAR with forced air

self service refrigerated display case with soft drinks inside
self service refrigerated display case TOGETHER dinkstar/foodstar

The refrigerated display case for soft drinks and spirits


Ideal for presentation at the point of sale

well chilled

Circulating air cooling for good distribution of cold throughout the entire cold room. Even at high outside temperatures.

Product presentation

The plexiglass hood ensures a good view of the products and hygienic presentation of the food.


The low weight of under 20 kg and the compact dimensions, H x W x D 57 x 48 x 43 cm, enable it to be used even when there is little space.

This refrigerated display case with circulating air is not only suitable for drinks, but also for foods such as chilled fast food products or dairy products. The powerful cooling compressor and the good distribution of cool air ensure balanced cooling even at high outside temperatures. The stainless steel housing and stainless steel interior are easy to clean and meet hygiene requirements.

refrigerated self service display case on a column with food inside
refrigerated self-service display case with soft drinks is opened by a woman
opened refrigerated self-service display case drinkstar/foodstar


The drinks and food can be easily removed by the customer. Click on the arrow in the box below to see a video about self-service.

+2°C up to +10°C

Always the right temperature. The desired temperature range can be set using the thermostat button on the back. The strong circulating air cooling ensures that the products inside the device are well cooled, even at high outside temperatures and when the clear front cover is opened frequently.

refrigirated display cabinet Foodstar, with forced air, closed lid, snacks inside
Refrigerated self-service display case with soft drinks view from the side you can see that the bottles are on different levels
three levels inside the chilled self-service display case

3 levels

For an attractive presentation of the products. Products located in the back area are better perceived due to the elevated position. In addition to the better overview of the products, removal is also made easier.

Technical sketch of the arrangement of the levels within the refrigerated self-service display case dinkstar/foodstar
Technical sketch of the arrangement of the levels inside dinkstar/foodstar

Division of levels

The division of the levels is ideal for stocking drinks and food. The interior and housing are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean.

Circulating air

An air baffle in the lower front area distributes the circulating air upwards within the interior and then sucks it in again via the horizontal ventilation grilles. The temperature of the interior is displayed via a thermometer and can be adjusted using the thermostat button on the back.

picture shows an empty, closed self-service refrigerator with circulating air, model foodstar drinkstar and the arrangement of the levels

Mobile food and beverage cooling with forced air

The TOGETHER® DRINKSTAR / FOODSTAR refrigerated display case is a mobile circulating air refrigerated display case for food and drinks. They can be used wherever promotional or impulse products need to be presented in an eye-catching way. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the cooling device can be used flexibly.

Attractive product presentation

Thanks to the large, fold-up, clear front cover, the customer always has a direct view of the food packages and drinks in the device. In order to further improve the presentation and focus on the products inside, the products are presented on three different levels within the device.

Easy handling

Simply place the device on the counter, four feet ensure it stands securely without scratching the counter surface. Plug the power plug into the socket and set the desired temperature. A circulating air fan ensures that the cooled air is evenly distributed throughout the interior.